The straightforward and simplest answer would be because Freemius is a complete solution with no upfront cost. But there are a lot more than that which helped us to decide. First and foremost I would like to mention that we chose freemius over other alternatives like Easy digital download, woocommerce, gumroad, Appsero doesn’t mean that other solutions are not good, it is just that it depends on the personal requirements. I’ve discussed this in detail in the later article.

The background

We are making commercial WordPress websites and plugins since 2016. We generally sell themes and plugins at a one-time…

Initiator creator is a curated resource distribution platform for creator/maker community.

Hi👋, I’m Saurabh Y (@savydv), a serial maker and co-creator of PeachBlack,, Engigogo and more.

I’m excited to introduce you with Initiator Creator, which is a curated resource distribution community for makers. The phase-I of it has completed as the Initiator Creator Newsletter which is a weekly hand-curated newsletter full of interesting articles, links and resources divided into developer, designer, marketer, entrepreneur and must-read categories for easy digest.

NEWSLETTER CURATION PROCESS — I read more than 50+ websites, 30+ newsletters and many subreddits to curate the best and…

A WordPress template to create an archive page of your curated newsletters.

Hey, We, @savydv and @kantbtrue are makers. We make stuff online like QDONOW, Themes For App, Engigogo, DesignThingy, send out a weekly newsletter called Engigogo Digest. We’re building Manyreads for the Product Hunt makers festival.

Our idea is straightforward, we want to create a simple solution for the problem that we are facing with our weekly newsletter. Every week we curate and send the best articles, tools, and links that we find interesting and useful for our readers.

Currently, for our weekly newsletter, we’re using curated app. In…

Saurabh Y

Programmer, making stuffs online. -

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