Announcing Manyreads — A possible alternative to Goodbits, Revue, and Curated.

A WordPress template to create an archive page of your curated newsletters.

Hey, We, @savydv and @kantbtrue are makers. We make stuff online like QDONOW, Themes For App, Engigogo, DesignThingy, send out a weekly newsletter called Initiator Creator. We’re building Manyreads for the Product Hunt makers festival.

Our idea is straightforward, we want to create a simple solution for the problem that we are facing with our weekly newsletter. Every week we curate and send the best articles, tools, and links that we find interesting and useful for our readers.

Currently, for our weekly newsletter, we’re using curated app. In the past, we have also tried the Revue, Tinyletter, and Goodbits. All the apps have some impressive and unique features which may fulfill your most of the needs. However, in our case, the situation is a bit tricky.

We wanted a cheaper solution with customization option so that we can modify it to suit our brand.

Unfortunately, none of the apps have all these features at the base or common plans especially the customization option. So we settled with because it is the most near to our requirements.

What we expect from a curated newsletter system:
1. Easy to collect the content manually or automatically
2. Simply select content to be included in your email
3. Plan and organize in advance
4. Efficient to send
5. Fully customizable Subscriber page, archive page, and email template.
6. Cheap (I think it is the most important) is an excellent tool with a lean & clean subscription and archive page, but just like its pros, it has many cons too. Curated is very expensive especially if you’re just starting. Also, the newsletter landing page is not fully customizable. In fact, you can only customize its color and some minor features. Whereas Revue, Goodbits are comparatively cheap but have not such a good looking newsletter subscription page and archive page with limited customization options.

I have seen many people are using custom HTML template for the subscription page with the and Revue. But still, the archive page remains the same, awkward looking.

We thought just like us many of the other people must be facing the same issues. So why not make a simple solution for this.

Our primary goal for this project is to make:
1. Cheap alternative
2. Fully customizable
3. Awesome looking
4. Easy to use

So we have created Manyreads which is a WordPress theme on which a curator can easily add interesting links manually, create a newsletter using those links and can easily send the newsletter using MailChimp or similar tools. Their subscribers can read the newsletter on mail as well as on the web.

If you are wondering why WordPress then I would say because WordPress is the most popular and most of the people know how to use it at the base level. Also, it is easy to deploy.

After release, our next goal is to make a chrome extension to collect the links and automate the entire process.

Also, we will keep releasing the new features and updates as they are ready. Let me know what you think, and I would love to hear your thoughts or suggestions!

Check out Manyreads!

Programmer, making stuffs online. -

Programmer, making stuffs online. -