Initiator Creator — My second attempt to create a community for side hustlers.

Saurabh Y
2 min readJan 26, 2020

Initiator creator is a curated resource distribution platform for creator/maker community.

Hi👋, I’m Saurabh Y (@savydv), a serial maker and co-creator of PeachBlack,, Engigogo and more.

I’m excited to introduce you with Initiator Creator, which is a curated resource distribution community for makers. The phase-I of it has completed as the Initiator Creator Newsletter which is a weekly hand-curated newsletter full of interesting articles, links and resources divided into developer, designer, marketer, entrepreneur and must-read categories for easy digest.

NEWSLETTER CURATION PROCESS — I read more than 50+ websites, 30+ newsletters and many subreddits to curate the best and interesting content for the readers.

Although this is not my first attempt to create this community. All of this initially started as Engigogo digest newsletter (under which is a community-curated resource directory) in 2018 with 200+ subscribers, and I ran it for one and a half year but then shut it down in October 2019 because I was not sure about the future of it. Though soon after that, I was started missing it because the curation process helped me to get up-to-date and also motivated me about my passion for creation.

After a couple of months thinking, planning, and tens of feedback, now I have a plan, clear vision and goal. Now the idea is more polished.

If you are wondering, why am I starting it for this niche? Then I think the more direct answer would be that I’m one of them. I’m a serial entrepreneur who makes small startups and micro-projects. And work as a full-time developer, designer, marketer, content writer for all my endeavours. This initiative is for the people of the same breed who handles all things as indie makers, member of a small team or early-stage startup.

My goal is to make this a small but effective community of like-minded to share relevant resources with the people of same characteristics.

I have divided the project into three phases.

  1. Initiator Creator Newsletter — (Done)
  2. “From the community” section.
  3. Curated resources and my-stack section.

The Newsletter phase is completed, and I’ve already published issue 1, which you can read here —

If you feel it can add some value to your inbox then kindly subscribe to the project at to get the weekly newsletter and future updates.

The Initiator Creator’s idea is at the early stage and may improve as time come.

Hope to see you at —



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